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Local Governments Project Research, Development and Education Foundation (YAGEV)was established in Ankara in 1995 to develop and implement local projects in line with the needs of the new age, with the aim of strengthening local democracy and development, by considering the local and public benefit in urban life. Headquartered in Ankara, the foundation has a branch in Istanbul. YAGEV's organizational structure consists of a board of founders, a board of directors, a foundation general directorate and a supervisory board.

Solution partner of city government
Local Administrations Project, Research, Development and Education Foundation (YAGEV) was established in Ankara in 1995 in order to strengthen local democracy and development, to develop and implement local projects in line with the needs of our time, in the light of the management philosophy that considers local and public benefit in urban life. Offering solutions for happier and more peaceful cities, YAGEV continues its efforts in line with this goal in order to alleviate the economic burden of the public, to contribute to the state budget, and to provide better service to our people with all kinds of tools and equipment and trained personnel. The activities of our foundation include conducting research and providing consultancy services in the field of local government, publishing in the field of public administration and local governments, ensuring coordination between relevant institutions and organizations and developing cooperation.

 Universal values for ideal cities…

Raising the quality of city life and reaching the ideal city form is possible with management staff who have adopted this purpose. For this reason, YAGEV moves from the administrative integrity beyond the routine and raises the bar to an ideal city point developed in every aspect. YAGEV, which has adopted the principle of creating an in-depth activity pattern by going beyond the classical expectations in the hierarchy of needs of the society, sees the application of universal values locally as the main element.

Problems require alternative solutions
YAGEV; It is a dynamic structure that produces and implements projects in areas such as participatory management, contemporary housing production, social municipality, culture-arts, education, health, ecology, urban information and transportation systems. Our foundation, which carries out joint work with local governments in the specified areas, solves the problems with alternative solutions and replaces it with the desired structure, is managed by an expert staff.

Our works in the project and implementation phase are;
Elderly Guest Houses, Psychosupport and Guidance Center, City Management and Municipalism Academy, Green School Project, Local Administrations Foreign Language Education, Pre-Marriage Education Program, Urban Hygiene and Ecological Life Project, Solid Waste Storage and Energy Production Facility.

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