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Ataturk and Foundations

From the Speech to Open the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on March 1, 1922

​"As for the issues related to foundations, it is known that foundations constitute an important wealth of our country. The nation and the country can make use of this wealth as needed​to make use of this wealth, together with all the Ministers of Shariah I wish that the Council and even the Supreme Assembly will examine this matter seriously and that this great institution will be protected from destruction and made useful for the country. 

Considering the existence of foundations; it turns out that it aims at service and social solidarity together with religious institutions. 

“The fact that foundations cover almshouses, bimarhanes, hospitals, libraries, caravanserais, baths, fountains, schools, madrasas and other institutions of knowledge shows the principles that must be followed in solving the issues related to foundations.”



March 1, 1339 (1923) While Opening the 4th Meeting Year of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

During the last year, the Ministry of Foundations; He showed a very important activity in the repair and construction of religious and charitable structures. Repairs made, in various parts of the country, in total; It reached 126 mosques and masjids, 31 madrasahs and schools, 22 waterways and fountains, 175 streams and 26 baths. 

Considering the seriousness of the repair of the weirs, which belonged to Istanbul in 339 and have been neglected until now due to lack of organization; A draft law on this matter has been prepared and submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and if the said Law is approved by the Supreme Assembly, the water needs of the public and religious structures in Istanbul, which are exposed to the danger of thirst, will be reduced as much as possible. 

It is not appropriate to spend the expenses of foundations, the total of which has reached a significant amount, without any supervision, and since it is not possible to investigate the complaints made by the people as soon as possible, the establishment of an Inspection Board has been included in the budget. 

The salaries of 487 religious officials, who carry out their services for a small fee of twenty-five or fifty kuruş per month, have been increased by 13006 liras so far, and it has been decided to raise the same amount of lira this year. 

Sirs ! 
I submitted it last year. I have to repeat this year as well, that the issue of foundations is important. In terms of the real interests of the country and the nation, it is necessary to investigate and solve in accordance with the requirements of the day, it is very necessary." 


To His Excellency the Chief Deputy İsmet Pasha

In my recent research trips, I also reviewed museums and ancient art and civilizations in various places. 

1. Apart from Istanbul, I saw the museums in Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Adana and Konya. Some of the artifacts that have been found so far are preserved and partially classified with the help of foreign experts. However, there is a strong need for Museum Directorates and (archaeology) experts to be used in excavation works for the scientific preservation and classification of ancient civilization artifacts, which lie in the form of unmatched treasures almost all over our country, and for the preservation of monuments, which are in a very dilapidated state due to the constant neglect of the past periods. has. For this reason, I think that it would be appropriate to devote some of the students who will be sent abroad to study abroad. 
2. There are some buildings in Konya that can be considered as the real architectural masterpieces of the Turkish civilization eight centuries ago, although they have been in great destruction due to centuries of neglect. Among them, Karatay Madrasa, Alaeddin Mosque, Sahib Ata Madrasa Mosque and Tomb, Sircali Masjid and Ince Minareli Mosque are in need of repair immediately and urgently. Since this will delay the repair and cause the monuments to disappear completely, first of all, I request that the ones used by the military be emptied and all of them repaired under the control of experts. 


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